Looking for the best home improvement write for us blog to submit your article? Then you are in the perfect place. In this article we have explained about one of the popular home improvement blogs which is open for guest post now from an expert author.

Are you the one who comes under this category? Then read this page till the end to know more about how to choose the right home improvement blog, guidelines to write for us and contact details.

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Choosing The Right Home Improvement Write For Us Blog That Suits Your Need

Finding the quality home improvement website is very easy nowadays. There are a lot of home blogs you can find on the internet today by doing Google search with the keywords like “diy home improvement blog”, “best home improvement blog”, as well as “home improvement blogger”. Once you find the list of home improvement websites, you need to filter these websites and finalise the best ones.

How do you find the best home improvement blog? Where you can write for them and submit the guest post. There are three important factors you should consider before you pitch for a guest post.

Is the website highly relevant to home improvement?

Some of the websites on the internet are general websites which talk about all the categories like home improvement, digital marketing, health and fitness, fashion and education. Home improvement category articles are part of the website. Don’t pick these kinds of websites for your link building strategy. On the other hand, if the sub categories are related to home decor, interior design, gardening or real estate, you can surely apply for a guest post.

Pro Tip: Find the home improvement niche website.

home improvement write for us relevancy

Is the website getting relevant organic traffic?

As I mentioned in the previous point, if a website is having the traffic for fashion or health related keywords, then there is no use for you in getting a backlink from these websites. You can use the tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush to find what kind of keywords are actually generating traffic to any website.

Pro Tip: Make sure the website is ranking for only home related keywords.

home improvement write for us organic traffic

Is the website is having decent DA (Domain Authority) and DR (Domain Rating)

Domain authority trademarked my Moz and domain rating rating trademarked my Ahrefs are not direct ranking factors for any website. However you should consider these factors before you approach for a guest post. These two metrics are the indication of the quality of one website. So in order to check the content quality, website quality and traffic, you can simply check these two metrics.

Pro Tip: Go with websites having 50+ DA and 30+ DR

home improvement write for us domain authority

So are you good now to go and figure out some of the home improvement websites where you can write for them and submit your guest post? If so, then you really don’t need to spare time for this. Check out our blog icyviolets.com, one of the popular DIY home improvement blogs with all the above mentioned qualities.

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Top 6 Home Improvement Write For Us Guidelines

Successful home improvement writers, of course, focus on their audience, first, second, third and last. They write with the interests and concerns of their audience in mind. They think about how their audience will receive their work. They shape their work to meet their audience’s needs and expectations.

Use the guidance below to help you to follow the path successful writers tread.

1. Write for a clearly defined audience

Real people read what writers write. It makes sense, then, to write for real people.

Take some time to define your home improvement audience. It might be home decor expert. It might be people who want to learn about home decor trends in 2022. It might be people who have recently been made redundant. It might be people who read urban fantasy. You need to be clear about who you are writing for before you begin to write.

2. Write about your audience’s issues

Think carefully about your audience and what concerns them, or what they want to learn about home improvement, home decor, home renovation, bedroom ideas, bathroom ideas, living room ideas. People who are just starting in teaching want survival tips. They want help with how to avoid being swamped by their new job. People who have just bought their first home want to know the basics about living room decor, bedroom decor, bathroom decor or even gardening ideas.

If you write home improvement trends, you need to do the same sort of analysis. Talk to people who read home improvement blogs avidly if you’re a design enthusiast. What do readers like about home improvement? What draws them to this genre? Is it the decor? Is it the furniture linked to the new home ? Is it the location of the home? Is it something else?

Make certain you know, and then deliver that.

3. Add value To Home Improvement Audience

It’s easy to follow home improvement trends and to be aware of what is happening in a marketplace right now, if you put the time in. Once you know what is popular and what is in demand, think about how you can satisfy that demand. Then work out how you can add more value. What else can you do to help your reader, or to satisfy your reader?

As well as writing about the intricacies of fell walking, can you describe some real walks that people might like to try? Can you grade the walks in terms of the level of fitness a walker needs to complete them? Can you offer guidance on places of interest to stop and visit?

Whatever you write about, can you back up what you say in your blog, or in your articles, with more information on your blog or website? Can you add depth to all of your work?

It’s really important to think about your audience when you plan what you are going to write and challenge yourself to understand and support your readers as best you can. Doing this will help you to impress publishers and editors. It will also help you to become the sort of writer that an audience will actively seek out.

4. Relevant Featured and Inline Blog Images

You can add one featured image (700450), one open graph image (1200630), and 10 maximum inline blog images (700*700). WEBP, PNG, GIF, and JPEG are all acceptable image submission formats. GIF or PNG are preferred for images in which text features prominently. Also the weight of the image shouldn’t cross 200KB.

5. Article Structure, Length and Language

Article should be properly structured in this way (H1, H2, H3, H2, H3, H4 etc) along with proper introduction and conclusion. The article length should be minimum 1000 words otherwise content might get rejected in the first go itself. We accept articles which are written in only the English language. We never accept a language other than English.

6. Internal and External Links

You can add up to 2 dofollow links for your own website along with one external link from reputed websites like forbes, bhg, gov sites. We will add one or two internal links from our end in case you didn’t. Likewise your guest post will get at least two internal links from other popular blog posts. Links to affiliate websites are completely not acceptable here.

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To Conclude

If you are interested in getting two dofollow valuable backlinks from a home improvement blog, you can write for us and submit your guest post. We will review your application as soon as possible, publish the article and share the link on the same. You can reach out to us at the below mentioned email id.